Who We Are

Our Managers and Recruiters have over 88 years of combined experience in the transportation industry and use that background to provide driver selection and evaluation services that you can rely on. Of greatest importance is the fact that we work proactively on your behalf to track down the most qualified truck drivers for your open positions, leaving you and your staff to focus on what you do best while we are hard at work doing what we do best - supplying you with the most highly qualified truck drivers available. Make Wide Turns can provide your fleet with immediate access to a fully functional recruiting department with national capability.

Our recruiters are dedicated to serving you and have access to driver talent across the U.S. Upon your request, MWT will design a plan customized to your specific needs. Our recruiters will present your opportunity through our program that is designed to promote high volume, direct communication with driver candidates in the shortest amount of time. This list of drivers is constantly growing as drivers throughout the US provide us with their contact information and experience so that we can present them with opportunities like yours.

Two of the ways we successfully grow this list include, finding the drivers that are not actively looking and reaching drivers through other drivers. Most often the best candidates are already working. They typically are not reading help-wanted ads or actively planning a career move. These are drivers who are willing to consider better opportunities but simply don't take the time to monitor job boards and advertisement. Your recruiting efforts may be missing the best candidates, but we will get them for you. Secondly, we recognize that most drivers socialize with other drivers. We ask every truck driver that we come in contact with, for a referral of other professional drivers who may have an interest. Then we ask those drivers for still more referrals. As a result, we fill a large percentage of our clients’ openings through referrals. We offer a referral fee to any external source that refers a candidate who is successfully placed.

Call Make Wide Turns today and take advantage of our driver community to optimize your advertising dollar, reduce your recruiting lead-time, and improve your overall recruiting effectiveness. 866-Wideturns 866-943-3887