Where You Save

Know your recruiting costs at all times.

Established pricing up front gives you the ability to pre-determine your recruiting budget and you will always have a team of experienced driver recruiters at your fingertips for only a fraction of the usual cost.

With flat rate pricing your recruiting costs are totally predictable. You know exactly how much to budget each year for driver recruiting. With MWT as an extension of your business, you are immediately relieved of the daunting task of calculating and accounting for all of the hidden and variable costs associated with recruiting drivers. When setting your recruiting budget, such costs as non-hire screening, support staff, supplies and communications costs are neatly packaged into our pricing for your budgeting convenience. We can customize your program for either long term or short term, allowing you to engage a fully functioning driver-recruiting department at will, or long term.

Let Make Wide Turns provide you greater value for your recruiting investment. We deliver improved driver recruiting effectiveness at cost savings over in-house recruiting by lowering your investment in people, advertising and technology. The efficiencies built in to our recruiting systems allow you to access more qualified drivers, screen and qualify drivers with greater precision, and significantly reduce time-to-fill, all at lower costs than your own recruiting efforts.

Take a look at a sample of the normal costs of hiring a driver. Make Wide Turns can save you time and money and at the same time lower your risks.

Please note that this is a sample. Some of the costs may vary.
Average Costs per Hire An Example of an MWT Hire
Marketing/Advertising Costs $2,000 $950
Employee Wages $10/hr x 20 hrs. = $200 FREE
Employee Benefits $50 FREE
Employee FICA (10%) $20 FREE
Manager Salary $500 FREE
Manager Benefits $50 FREE
Office Space / Misc. $400 FREE
Total Costs $3,220 $950