What We Do

Our staff of experienced driver recruiters is fully dedicated to your recruiting needs. We are focused solely on finding qualified truck drivers nationwide for fleets of all sizes so we understand how to achieve the highest driver recruiting results. Whether your fleet is two or two thousand, we will Pre-Screen and Pre-Sell Drivers for your company and only accept payment when a driver has successfully been ID’d by your company.

For most of our clients, finding enough qualified truck drivers to support potential growth is their biggest challenge. At MWT, our recruiters work with fleets of all sizes nationwide who transport goods from Automobiles to Zucchini. Our clients all have one thing in common; they need qualified commercial truck drivers to keep their transportation operations running. Our customers have come to realize that by partnering with MWT, they gain a competitive advantage over other companies vying for the top driver talent they need. Our recruiters can save you time and money by putting your open positions in front of more qualified truck drivers in less time than you are able to on your own.

When you choose to make MWT your dedicated driver-recruiting partner, we offer a program designed to tie your hiring expenditure to our recruiting success. This means that if we are unable to find your driver we do not charge you. With this in mind, we are motivated to apply a steady effort towards generating a consistent flow of qualified candidates.

Acting as your recruiting partner, we contact potential drivers and present the job specifications and details while simultaneously screening each candidate’s qualifications. We measure each candidate’s work history and experience against the job profile we’ve developed with you. Once we’ve identified qualified talent we perform an in-depth series of interviews, complete thorough background check, including 10-year employment, criminal history and MVR review on those candidates.

Only then are the most qualified candidates electronically submitted to your hiring managers for consideration. Candidates submitted already have a thorough understanding of the job details and are excited about an opportunity to be considered for the positions. These services can be performed on occasion or in an ongoing program. We become an extension of your business, assuming full responsibility for the strategy, services and compliance associated with managing this critical business process. MWT will improve driver-recruiting effectiveness while taking the place of fixed-overhead, internal driver recruiting functions. MWT is proud of the savings we deliver to our customers. This valuable savings includes our leading-edge recruitment methods along with access to better qualified candidates, DOT compliance support, improved hiring speed and, perhaps most importantly, a substantial reduction in your overall driver recruitment investment.

We’re committed to saving your organization money.

Call Make Wide Turns today and take advantage of our driver community to optimize your advertising dollar, reduce your recruiting lead-time, and improve your overall recruiting effectiveness. 866-Wideturns 866-943-3887